Our visit to Washington Galleries

We had a great day at Washington Galleries. We travelled on the local bus and when we got there we walked to the library. The librarian read us traditional tales stories and told us all about the library, including how to join. We were hungry after our busy morning and we were so excited to go to McDonald’s for lunch. After that we went to Sainsbury’s to look at the gingerbread people in the bakery and looked at our list to buy ingredients to make our own in school. Finally we got on the bus to come back to school, where we  tasted the gingerbread men we bought.


Language Provision and the Beanstalk


In science we planted beans and wrote a diary to show how much they have grown. We came back from holiday and this is what we saw!! We are so proud of our green fingers! Good luck Mams and Dads with the next stage of their growth!

The Big Bad Blowdryer


Our topic learning allowed us to design and build a house that would withstand the ‘Big Bad Blowdryer’! We predicted whether he would be successful in blowing our houses down, then put him into action. We are such fabulous designers and builders that he didn’t succeed!

Pancake tasting!!

Pancake Day came early for us! We enjoyed learning about Pancake Day and how other countries celebrate. We mixed the ingredients and loved watching them being flipped when they were cooking. Some of us already knew that we loved eating pancakes, while others were very brave and gave them a try………and liked them!

Pancake Day came early in Language Provision. Our learning showed us the meaning of Pancake Day and how other countries celebrate. We enjoyed mixing the ingredients and watching them being flipped as they cooked. Some of us already knew that we liked the taste of pancakes, while others were brave, gave them a try……and liked them!!

…and they all lived happily ever after!

This term we have been reading traditional tales; Jack in the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. In English we have used role-play to help us to write alternative accounts of these stories. We used the magic beans to help us with our counting in maths. We came into school to find there had been a crime committed and we became detectives to allow us to solve the clues…..it was that big bad wolf!!!