wb: 7.5.18

This week we finished our London landmarks, aren’t they fabulous!

In Maths this week we have been counting, ordering and making number values.


We’ve continued planning our fact file of London landmarks and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about them.

Our visit to London is finally booked. We’re travelling by train, at 6am in the morning on the 14th July. Once we’re there, we’re going to visit as many of the landmarks we can squeeze into the day. If we had our way we’d like to stay for a month to fit in all we’d like to see! We’re going on the London Eye and we can’t wait!



Week beginning: 30.4.18

This week in our Maths learning, some of us used our counting skills, while others needed to find half of objects and quantities. Some of us focused our learning on times tables, doubling and halving. We keep practising these skills through continuous provision as they help us in so many areas of Maths.

We had a great time making models of London landmarks in our Topic learning. Also, by writing a fact file on London landmarks, we are learning lots of information about the city. This week we looked at Trafalgar Square. Did you know that Lord Nelson was shot by a sniper at the end of the Battle of Trafalgar, which was won by the British, and he died shortly after?

Bright Lights Big City!

This week we have started our new topic and we are loving it already. First job was to put the finishing touches to our role play area. In English we are writing a fact file about the landmarks in London. We will know so much about London when it comes to our visit later this term. We used our sketching skills to draw a landmark then mixed colours to paint them, using watercolours.


This week we welcomed each other back to school. We have had an action packed time. We created our new display board, ready to begin our new London topic next week.

This week we have continued our topic about seasons and the weather, with a look at signs of spring. We wrote about all about spring in our Topic learning, then visited Herrington Country Park on Wednesday to find the signs. Once again we made great detectives and found everything on our checklist. Miss Dixon’s dog, Ted, joined us on our walk and had a great time! We finished our visit with some time in the play park…..it was such good fun! In our English learning, we wrote about our visit to the park.

We had another treat in store when we were allowed to visit and hold the newborn chicks in Nursery.


Easter fun!!

Our last week of term was such good fun! We made Easter cards and pom poms, then created either an Easter chick or an Easter bunny using the pom poms.

Sadly we waved goodbye to our traditional tales topic – we had such a good time! We now look forward to our next topic – Bright Lights, Big City! We are going to learn about the landmarks of London and the Royal Family, including the Royal wedding and new Royal baby. Fingers crossed that we might be able to make a sneaky visit to our capital city!!


wb: 19.3.18

This week in English we have started to look at poetry. We read lots of alliteration poems and have made a plan to write our own, which is linked to our topic.

In Maths we have had a busy week. Some of us continue to learn about position and direction, while others are learning about angles, repeating patterns and concepts such as in, on, inside and under.

Take a look at our display. We have worked so hard in all subjects which are linked to our topic and are so proud that we want to show you our learning.IMG_6871 Continue reading

wb: 12.3.18

This week our learning allowed us to test the strength of different materials, to allow us to find a suitable material, to make a strong bridge. We decided that the gingerbread man would not have needed to travel through the river with the fox, if he could have crossed a strong bridge. We tested wood, plastic, metal, paper, straw etc. to find the best materials. We found that the wood, plastic and metal were the best options.

Mrs Butterfield brought her pet lizard into school, her name is Lizzie! She kindly allowed us to hold her and talk about what she felt like. We thought she would be hard with sharp spikes but she wasn’t. Weren’t we brave!!